Web Application Limits and Boundaries in SharePoint 2010

This article describes Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 software boundaries and limits. These include the following:

Exceeding any of Supported limits may cause Performance Issue in SharePoint 2010.

  • Maximum size of Document in SharePoint 2010 is 2GB
  • Default Threshold of Document Size in SharePoint 2010 is 50MB
  • 250000 maximum recommended number of site collections per Web application is supported in SharePoint 2010
  • 300 Content Databases Per Web Application are supported
  • Maximum 5 Zones per Web Application. (Default, Intranet, Internet, Extranet, and Custom. Zones limit defined for farm is hard-coded.
  • Managed paths are cached on the Web server, and CPU resources are used to process incoming requests against the managed path list. Maximum 20 number of Managed Path per Web Application supported.
  • Maximum 300 MB Solution Cache Size per Web Application. The solution cache allows the InfoPath Forms service to hold solutions in cache in order to speed up retrieval of the solutions.