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By - Pritam Baldota

SharePoint 2010/2013 Date Comparison in different Time Zones

Working with DateTime in SharePoint is always tricky since it stores values internally in UTC and when we tried to access it in CSOM or SOM in different Time zone we have to be very careful while filtering on Created, Modified Date columns. Time Zone plays very crucial roles in any Date Time difference calculation. When we do difference in

By - Pritam Baldota

Associate Custom Content Type with SharePoint 2010/2013 List Or Library using PowerShell

To automate deployment in SharePoint 2010/2013 on-premise solution, we have to use PowerShell. One of the deployment activity is creating SharePoint Custom Lists/Libraries and associating them with custom created content types. In this article we will be focusing only how to add/remove content types from the List/Library. To add content type follow below steps – Get Reference to Site collection

By - Pritam Baldota

Understanding Features and Feature Scope in SharePoint 2010

What is SharePoint 2010 Features? SharePoint Features is part of Packaging and Deployment in SharePoint 2010 Features make it easier to activate or deactivate functionality in the course of a deployment, and administrators can easily transform the template or definition of a site by simply toggling a particular Feature on or off in the user interface. Features are stored under